Trigger Warning: Video may contain sensitive topics
Eva’s yearning is thick, here. Viscous.

For love, for care, for achievement. 
Clinically, the ability to articulate goals and ambitions is an indication of some form of recovery -- now that I am better, I can think about my other needs. The need to belong, rather than stand apart. To be cared for, to be forgiven

These are classic human wants and desires: almost everyone, at some point, would have desired many of the same.

She is allowing herself to be vulnerable, here.

She is allowing herself to be vulnerable, here.

But we need to take her recovery in context of her journey thus far: she has just revealed her therapist as her object of obsession in the preceding video. Her desires for a romantic relationship may very well be directed at him personally.

For better or worse, we see her symptoms abating -- especially the symptoms of suicidal ideation. Her obsession with her therapist, however, is coming to light.

It is important to tackle the issues as they appear.

Recovery isn’t linear, after all.
1 This is a video of Eva’s memory.

As we walk with you through Eva’s room, you will find “home” videos of Eva’s memories. Here, we have an actress playing Eva, reading out the words of excerpts of 4.48 Psychosis (a favourite text of ours).
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