JustAsk is a digital space that investigates mental health issues. We bring together an intimate digital narrative about mental illness, and positive psychology resources - backed by expert research. It is a new kind of exploration - from which we hope to deepen our communities’ understanding of mental health.
Co-Founders, Directors, Producers & Editors
Bea K T
Design & Creative Direction
Ang Cheng Hui
The Experience: “I don’t know how, I don’t know why”
The Experience is a fictional digital narrative about a girl, Eva, reflecting on a period in her life when she was mentally ill.

We crafted The Experience with the conviction that by delving into a character’s innermost thoughts and emotions, we can evoke empathy and compassion  for the often alienating experience of mental illness.

The Experience is non-traditional in its storytelling. The only guiding principle is that it had to feel intimate. We provide a narrative, and illustrations of items in her bedroom. Yet we have also speckled The Experience with “home videos” of Eva facing a webcam, reading out quotes from 4.48 Psychosis. 
The idea of the readings was inspired by literature lessons where students bonded with literary texts when reading them aloud in class; and by the way youth share quotes on instagram or tumblr with their circle of friends. We wanted to demonstrate how literary words resonate with Eva, and have the power to tell her story - an experience which we believe can be universal.

It is also deliberately filmed to reflect the ease in which youth communicate today: through zoom calls, and brief videos on instagram stories/tik tok/snapchat. It is raw and unsanitized, yet there lies the intimacy.

A feel of the moment. Let these readings speak to you, but don’t let yourself get overwhelmed by them.
The most unique aspect of The Experience is our “fourth-wall breaking” guided mental health commentary. We wanted to help our audiences responsibly engage with the content, and ultimately learn more about mental health. This belief led us to inviting mental health experts, Dr. Matthew Woo and Aishah Alattas, to provide us with direction in drafting the commentary. The commentary is meant to guide audiences to dissect the content in the videos, and gain a more objective understanding. It is a form of “review”, that is integral to The Experience.
Concept & Narrative
Narrative & Words: Bea K T
Design & Illustration: Ang Cheng Hui
Actress: Liz Sgt Tan
Sound/Music: Andrew Fordham
Guided Mental Health Commentary
Expert Consultant: Dr. Matthew Woo
Dr. Matthew Woo is currently a principal consultant clinical psychologist and director with Riverlife Psychology. He was formerly in the employment of the Institute of Mental Health for 19 years, and held the position of Senior Principal Clinical Psychologist and Deputy Head of the Department of Psychology. He is the recipient of two Health Manpower Development Program fellowship awards for Community Psychiatry (Los Angeles and Chicago, in 2003) and Sex Offender Interventions (Portland, in 2010).
Expert Consultant: Aishah Alattas
Aishah Alattas has a background in clinical psychology and has worked with individuals with a multitude of mental health issues in community as well as hospital settings. She has also been involved in theatre productions as an actor and producer with a particular interest in theatre as a medium to provide insight into the human condition.  She completed a Masters in Affective Disorders and is now pursuing a PhD where her research is focused on leveraging smartphone technology and artificial intelligence to deliver preventative mental health intervention to youth.
Words: Anlin
Getting Mentally Healthier
We recognize that mental health exists on a spectrum, it isn’t binary. Therefore, we included this segment on Getting Mentally Healthier so that our audiences can learn concrete steps they can take to get mentally healthier, even if they aren’t mentally ill.
Direction & words: Marc Van Huizen
Marc Van Huizen is a Consultant with BTS, a consulting firm that focuses on the people side of strategy. He designs & delivers workshops to develop business leaders, primarily focusing on the area of leadership development. Apart from this, he is an Associate Lecturer with the Singapore University of Social Sciences and is a certified organisational coach (Associate Certified Coach, ICF).

Marc began his career in the Singapore Navy as an SAF Merit Scholarship recipient. After his stint in the military, he went into HR Strategy Consulting, working with clients to solve their employee engagement & retention challenges.
Design & Illustration: Ang Cheng Hui
Resources + Helplines
Consolidated by
Si Qing
Our Resources includes a Compendium To Guided Mental Health Commentary in The Experience. This compendium is meant to allow for a deeper and wider exploration into a particular person’s mental health journey. This is not meant to be a textbook of themes on mental health, only the ones touched on in The Experience. Thus, in the spirit of a literary analysis, we hope you enjoy tumbling down this rabbit hole.
Partnerships Director: Peixuan Wang
Social Media Assistant: Denise
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